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The Emphasis from the beginning is on a balanced development of personality through a mix of Technology & Science with Humanities & General Knowledge. With the advances of Technology, in addition to teaching Science subjects through Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics, Composite Lab, all students are exposed to digitization & Robotics as a separate discipline. All Students (ICSE & IB) are made accustomed to the use of computers for which Three computer labs have been provided in the School, with two of them with internet connectivity. Tablets are provided by the School, for the IB Course(PYP & MYP), Special Attention is devoted to making the child well versed with the use of Tablets & Laptops. For MYP & DP levels, the student may have her/his own laptops if he/she so likes. The Teaching methodology in the classrooms is flexible, with the Teacher providing directive guidance to the children encouraging them to look for knowledge  information suo-moto in area of their interest. Inherent Talent in a child is assisted to blossom through interaction with peers as well as through experiences with Teachers. All children are exposed with areas covering Music with focus-on instrumental Indian & Western Music, and Painting-Water & Oil as well as Glass, in addition to folklore and Festivals of India. For children who have talent for Dance & Drama, the school has well –trained Teachers in some of them, who are willing to share knowledge & skills with the gifted children. While learning things, it is also important for a child to be able to express himself /herself adequately & properly. This is particularly necessary in case of Reading books & assimilating the message from their contents. To encourage this, PIPS not only provides opportunities for Debates & Elocutions in the School-both in English & Hindi, but also encourages him /her to speak in the classrooms. Every child is required to speak for 2-5 minutes every week in a designated class /period before his /her colleagues in the presence of Teacher.

Practical lessons are encourage as the child grows & opportunities for such developments are created /intelligently ,Indulging them in day -to -day activities .Academic Merit is also rewarded by providing for incentives through Scholarships on the basis of classroom performance. PIPS Pojewal has endeavored to design scientifically, Course Planners in interconnected units for debating in classrooms in a Time-Phase Manner –suitable for Week, Fortnight & Month, for effective and timely delivery. For IB diploma Courses, an interactive platform is being developed to enable the students to actively engage with the Teacher during CAS, extended Essay & TOK pathway.

With knowledge getting consolidated into a digital world & internet and mobile phones becoming as essential as a writing pen, all Students are made familiar with computers.IB students are especially provided up to date teaching / training through judicious use of internet & multimedia technology .All IB students are encouraged through Tablets for regular updating of knowledge & information which encourage inquisitive nature of a child. As he/she grows this inquisitive nature becomes a habit in his/her search for answers to Queries that rise in the mind from time to time. The basic objective is to develop a balanced individual with reasonable knowledge & correct attitude to develop into a responsible, intelligent, cultured & confident citizen of the world.



  1. PIPS Pojewal is permanently affiliated to CISCE since 2005. And ISC proposed from the year 2022.
  2. For ICSE Junior Section, subjects taught are English, Mathematics, EVS, Language & Art & Crafts. For Middle School (Vi to VIII) subjects offered include English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Hindi & Third Language & Arts & Crafts.
  3. Subjects offered in ICSE (IX & X) are Science, Commerce & Humanities.
  4. IB (Candidate school for PYP and MYP) for 2020-21, DP to be introduced in 2022-23.
  5. Subjects offered in PYP are Language, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Arts, and Personal, Social and Physical Education (PSPE).
  6. Subjects offered in MYP are Language acquisition (Spanish/French), Language and literature, Individuals and Societies, Sciences, Mathematics, Arts, Physical and health Education, Design.


  1. Qualified & Experienced Teachers with excellent communication skills and who are multitalented and multitasking become a part of PIPS family.
  2. All the Teachers stay in the campus so as to spend quality time amongst the students and the colleagues and for their professional growth.
  3. Homeroom facilitators/Mother Teachers for PYP and for ICSE Junior School and Individual subject experts for MYP and ICSE Senior School.
  4. The teachers undergo regular PD programmes both online and Inhouse organised by IB and CISCE as well.
  5. The teachers are also trained on Fortnightly / Monthly basis by the Principal, PIPS

Teaching Methodology

Teaching subjects is carried out through Short Class Room Lessons & and Interactive Sessions through Projector / Smart Boards. Stress is laid on practical experience / experiments in Laboratories. House Work is provided to be carried out in Prep / Rooms in Hostels. Students are encouraged to read, study, think & create in an Independent atmosphere. Children are encouraged to wander beyond the laid Text & prescribed curriculum with Mother Teachers / Senior Teachers.
The Teaching Methods / Pedagogy and Assessment Processes of the IB programs& ICSE benefit students with both Approach and Credibility. The Student Teacher ratio is 10:1in IB PYP/MYP and 15:1 in ICSE, which further strengthens the Teaching / Learning process. During their academic journey, students are assessed using a variety of techniques to really get to the core of what a student is capable of, rather than measuring by infrequent exams or projects. The IB programs are ‘broad and balanced,’ in that students choose subjects over six subject areas that match their interests.


ICSE curriculum is covered through Books published by reputed Indian Publishers. A subject – wise list of Additional Reference Books is also available. The Main Publishers are Prachi, Selina, Goyal Brothers, Prakasham Media, etc.

IB PYP has no prescribed Curriculum & MYP has a curriculum covering broad international academic perspective. For IB Courses,
Students are provided with books related to the curriculum and additionally to enhance their reading skills from different publishers viz. Pearson, Oxford, Orient Longman etc.,


For ICSE, the School holds Periodic Assessment & Examinations every year for various classes as per the Guidelines of CISCE.

For IB PYP & MYP Courses, Periodic Assessments are organized in order to meet the subject specific aims & objectives. In order to provide evidence of proper & requisite level of learning, these Assessments relate to the students capacity to

  • Reflect purposefully on their learning (metacognition)
  • Understand the diversity of human learning needs
  • Evaluate and provide evidence of learning
  • Meet MYP /PYP/ICSE subject group aims and objectives
  • Share responsibility for creating productive, cooperative and safe learning environments
  • Develop the confidence to try new strategies and explore new concepts and contexts for learning
  • Prepare for further study and responsible participation in local and global communities

In addition to the curriculum related Books, PIPS provide a large variety of reading material & Extra – subjects in the School Libraries. Facilities have been provided for accessing E-Libraries through Tabs / Laptops.

In addition to the periodic assessment in IB Courses, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) based Learning Modules are utilized to analyse the critical thinking skills of students. The IB PYP 5th graders have to organise an exhibition to showcase their study and MYP 5th year students have to have a community-based project, Even ICSE focuses on project-based learning for students of the middle school.