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Punjab International Public School Pojewal – Punjab Activity Calendar 2019-20 (April 2019- May 2020)

Date Day Activity Groups
April 2019  
5th  to 7th April Friday to Sunday Students of Junior & Senior Schools Join Houses/Hostels All Students
8th April Monday School opens All Classes I st to IX
9th April Tuesday Self Introduction in Classes All Students & Classes
10th-13th April Wednesday to Saturday Normal Classes & Sports Activities All Classes
15th to 18th April Monday to Thursday Volley Ball/Badminton Girls / Boys  Matches-Athletics & Jumps Senior School

(House Wise)

19th April Friday Good Friday Junior School
21st April Sunday School Get Together Both Junior & Senior School Students
23rd to 24th April Tuesday – Wednesday Paper Reading Contest

Debates & Elocutions  (24th )

Earth Day

Junior School

Senior School

26th – 27th April Friday – Saturday Volley Ball / Badminton

Final Matches House Wise

Senior Boys

Senior Girls


May 2019

1st  May Wednesday Labour Day / Introduction/Speaking

Poster Making

All Classes

Senior School /Junior School

2nd May Thursday Celebrations Mother’s Day All Boys & Girls
6th – 7th May Monday – Tuesday Roller Skating, Swimming Lessons, Gym & Squash All Classes
8th – 9th  May Wednesday – Thursday World Red Cross Day Junior School & Senior School
10th -11th May Friday –  Saturday Quiz Competition

Technology Day(11th )

Senior School & Junior School
15th May Wednesday Quiz Competition Final Senior School & Junior School
18th May 2018 to 12th July 2019             Summer Vacations
Date Day Activity Groups

July 2019

13th  – 14th July Saturday – Sunday Reassemble After Summer Vacations All Students

All Classes

15th July Monday School Reopens All Classes
16th -19th  July Tuesday to Friday Normal Classes & Sports All Students
22nd  – 26th July Monday – Friday Squash, Gym & Roller Skating

Competitions Start

Senior & Junior School
29th to 30th July Monday-Tuesday Debates & Mock Parliament Senior School & Junior School
31st July Wednesday Art & Craft Show Junior School

August 2019

2nd August Friday Final Debates/Elocutions Senior School
6th – 10th  August Tuesday-Saturday Athletics Practices for 15th August

Normal Classes

All Students
15th  August Thursday Independence Day Celebrations, Flag Hoisting & March Past etc. All Students
19th -23rd  August Monday-Friday Unit Test along with normal classes Junior School
24th  – 30th  August Saturday to Wednesday Table Tennis, Badminton & Squash Competitions

Janmashtami –(24th)

All Students

September 2019

2nd  – 5th  September Monday to Thursday Food Ball, Cricket & Tennis & Basket Ball Games start up 2nd Sept Ganesh Chaturthi All Students
6th September Friday Teachers Day All Students
7th  -14th  September Saturday – Saturday Badminton, Tennis, Basket Ball & Athletes Competitions

Cricket & Foot Ball Practice Matches

All Students
17th -19th  September Tuesday-Thursday Dance & Music Practice Session Computers & Unit Test for Senior School All Classes
23rd  -25th  September Monday – Wednesday Foot Ball & Cricket & Volley Ball Finals (24th) Raksha Bandan House Wise
26th -28th  September Thursday-Saturday Hill Cycling, Rifle Shooting & Gym Competitions Senior & Junior Schools
Date Day Activity Groups
30th September Monday Final Matches, Squash, Tennis, Badminton, Debates All Students

October 2019

2nd  October Wednesday Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations Senior & Junior School
3rd  to 5th  October Thursday – Saturday Normal Classes & Sports All Classes
7th  – 8th  October Monday – Tuesday Dussehra Holidays All Classes
9th  – 12th October Thursday – Saturday Normal Classes & Sports All Classes
13th  October Sunday Maharishi Valmiki Birthday Celebrations Senior School Only
14th -18th October Monday – Friday Finals of all Team Sports & Normal Classes Senior School

Junior School

22nd -23rd  October Tuesday – Wednesday Normal Classes & Sports Activities Junior School
24th  -25th  October Thursday – Friday Normal Classes & Tests Internal Senior School
27th -29th  October Sunday-Thursday Deepawali Festival Celebrations & Bhai Duj All Students

November 2019

4th -9th  November Monday –Friday Normal Classes & Preparation of Cultural Shows/Drama/Music etc. & Prizes for Founder’s Day All Students
10th  November Saturday Eid –Prophet Mohammed Birthday  All Students
12th  November Monday Guru Nanak Birthday  All Students
13th November Tuesday Parents Meet For Parents Visiting 
14th November Wednesday Children Day All Students
15th November Thursday Founder’s Day Celebration & Prize No Classes Holiday
19th  27th Nov Tuesday-Thursday Normal Classes & Sports All Classes
28th -29th Nov Friday-Saturday Local Excursions Senior School
2nd -3rd Dec Tuesday-Wednesday Local Excursions Junior School
4th -6th Dec Thursday-Saturday Normal Classes & Sports All Classes

December 2019

12th -13th Dec Thursday-Friday Calligraphy & Handwriting Competition Senior School & Junior School
17th -19th Dec Tuesday-Thursday Term Test All Classes

Winter Vacations : 22 December 2019 to 10th January

Date Day Activity Groups
January 2020      
11th -12th Jan Saturday Sunday Students Join After Winter Vacations All Students
13th – 18th Jan Monday- Saturday Normal Classes & Sports All Students
20th -22nd Jan Monday-Wednesday Normal Classes & Sports All Students
23rd -25th Jan Thursday-Saturday Preparation for Republic Day Parade & Function All Students
26th January Sunday Republic Day Celebration & Flag Hosting & Parade Senior & Junior Schools
28th Jan – 1st Feb Tuesday-Saturday Normal Classes & Sports All classes

February 2020

3rd -7th Feb Monday–Friday Normal Classes & Sports All Classes
10th -14th  Feb Monday-Friday Normal Classes & Sports All Classes
17th -21st Feb Monday – Friday Normal Classes & Sports All Classes
24th -27th Feb Monday- Thursday Normal Classes & Sports All Classes
28th -29th Feb Friday -Saturday Get Together Houses

March 2020

2nd -7th  March Monday-Friday Normal Classes All Students
10th  March Tuesday Parents Meet For Parents Visiting
11th  March Wednesday Declaration of Results All Students
15th -18th March Sunday-Wednesday Tours & Excursions


Senior School
23rd – 26th March Monday-Thursday Tours & Excursion  Junior School
30th -31st March Monday-Tuesday Students join New Classes All Students

April 2020

1st – 4th April Wednesday-Saturday Normal Classes & Sports All Student
6th-9th April Monday-Thursday Normal Classes & Sports All Student
10th April Friday Good Friday Celebrations Senior & Junior School
13th-18th April Monday-Saturday Normal Classes & Sports & Fresh Students Introduction All Classes
20th -25th April Monday to Friday Normal Classes & Sports All Classes
27th 30th April Monday –Friday Normal Classes & Sports All Classes

May 2020

1st May Friday Labour day International Debates  
4th – 8th May Monday-Friday Normal Classes & Sports with

Unit Test

All Classes
11th -16th  May Monday-Friday Normal Classes & Sports All Classes
17th May & 18th  May Saturday-Sunday Students depart for summer Vacation All Classes
Summer vacations 18th May to 10th July 2020
School Reopens on 12th July Monday 2020


  • This Calendar in brief indicates the Activities Scheduled For session 2019-20
  • The Calendar is subject to Change as per the School requirements
  • Normal Teaching classes will be conducted where there are no comments
  • Sports Activities refer to Team or Games specific to individual students