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Applications are accepted in the Admissions Office starting 15 December for the next academic year, which begins in April and for late admissions in July. The application process should be complete and submitted much before the start of the session. It is the responsibility of the family to submit all documents required to complete the application process.

PIPS will continue to accept students throughout the year, if space is available. Generally, no new students will be admitted after the beginning of the Third quarter.

Admissions Checklist

In order for a student to complete the admissions process and earn a position in the Wait Pool or be offered admission, the following documents and required payments must be submitted:

In order for a student to maintain their position in the wait pool the following must be submitted :

An advanced deposit of Rs 25,000(twenty five thousand) : payable against admission, to confirm continued interest in the wait pool seats

Prior to the first day of attendance:

Completed Health Exam

Submitting Required Documents

The sooner the application process is fully completed, the better position an applicant will earn in the Wait Pool. The longer the delay in submitting the required documents, the greater the risks in not gaining a seat.

Once all of the details are organized, please put them into one packet and send it to any of the following addresses

School Campus

Punjab International Public School
GTB (Garhshankar – Anandpur) State Highway,
Pojewal, Distt. Nawanshahr, Punjab

Chandigarh Office

Punjab International Public School
SCO 914, NAC, Manimajra, Chandigarh

It will be important to have all of the details organized and sent to the Admissions Office as soon as possible, and please send everything at one time rather than piecemeal. Any items that are overlooked or are sent incomplete will further delay the admissions process. Decisions on accepting students and allocating seats / placing on the wait list are not made until all the completed documents have been received and approved. And in case of any academic or behavioral concerns or special needs, the application is taken to the Admissions Team at the appropriate level prior to making a determination of acceptance or denial