Nourishing the child with appropriate nutritional supplements so as to enable his/her body to grow and be fit and healthy. The School has kept high standards for hygiene and nutrition for every child. After all a healthy body houses a healthy mind.

During the day, the School provides four regular meals, and all meals are prepared & served to the students within the Hostel Complex. The menu of the meals are based on the advice of nutritionists with stress on providing a balanced diet, with variety in preparations & occasional additions in both veg/non-veg sections.

Arrangements for special diet is made for children on medical advice. The cooking of meals is supervised by Mess Incharge & precautions are taken to serve fresh and healthy food Always.

Below is an example of the Weekly Menu.

Spl. Note : Day/Date of Non–veg may change due to religious/admin. reasons. Menu is subject to change due to the seasons and the availability of vegetables in the Stores/Market.