Electives covers Computer Science, Multimedia & Web technology, Physical Education, Fine Arts & Music.

Computer Science Studies

The Computer Science Department is dedicated to helping the students with technology questions and concerns. Primarily, the department focuses on issues surrounding computers, computer software, and computer peripherals. In the beginner courses, students are taught proper use of office and publishing software and are exposed to the use of intellectual property obtained from the Internet. In the advanced courses, students are introduced to computer science ideas and concepts.

Fine Arts Studies

The Fine Arts Department is inclusive of Visual Arts, Theater Arts and both the Vocal and Instrumental Music programs. PIPS students attend classes in various disciplines throughout their years in the school. The School program is completely elective although the school requires that each student complete one Fine Arts credit to graduate. Each student has ample studio space, e-mail privileges and access to internet.

Music Theory & Practice

Music is basic to the human experience and a part of every culture on our planet. Education, to a large degree, is the transmission of culture from one generation to another. As a natural conduit of the human experience, music has inherent value and integrity as part of the curriculum.

Instruments available are flute, Guitar, Keyboards, Mandolin, Violin, Tabla, Sitar, Harmonium, Tanpura, Dholak, trumpet, and percussion.

Physical Education Studies

The PIPS Physical Education curriculum follows the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) standards. The emphasis in PE is on fitness and the development of interpersonal skills such as demonstrating respect, offering positive feedback, and demonstrating responsible behavior in terms of physical and emotional safety.Activity units are structured for skill acquisition, expanding knowledge about rules and strategies of different sports, problem solving through adventure activities, cooperation through team building games, physical fitness, and enjoyment.

Speech/Presentation Skills

The Speech/Presentation Skills elective course gives students the opportunity to study and practice skills necessary to develop good oral and visual presentations. Students evaluate a variety of models of effective communication including listening and nonverbal skills, in addition to analyzing different public address techniques. Beginning oral presentations focus on using voice and gesture in dramatic interpretations of monologues, stories or poems.

Creative Writing

This course in Creative Writing is an opportunity for middle school students to begin to name and express the emerging themes of their lives through writing. Students will discover, analyze, and apply the methods and forms used  For  fiction, poetry, and dramatic writing. Discover And Do – Indian Arts & Crafts This class offers opportunities to create and learn a variety of arts & crafts and performing arts of India. Crafts may include pottery, making and flying kites, basket weaving, puppetry, tie and dye, block printing, wall and floor designs, weaving and traditional games and toys.


If you want to design, build, and program robots and then have your robot compete against your classmates’ robots, this is the class for you! Using the Lego Mindstorms components, students work together to design, build and program robots that solve a challenge.

Students Speak Out

Students Speak Out is a communications class based on the Socratic dialectic model. For students Speak Out builds critical thinking, creative problem solving, active listening, self-evaluation, leadership and reading comprehension skills through lively discussions based on classical texts and other sources from diverse cultures. To begin the semester, students practice a variety of discussion skills as they explore unfamiliar topics and issues chosen by the instructor. Then as they learn to take responsibility for the quality and content of their discussions students generate the next series of discussion topics. Finally, as they gain confidence in addressing tough issues, the semester culminates with each student leading their own class discussion.

Graphic Design

The Graphic Design course is designed as an exploration of design as a communication tool. Students study the design process, composition and the principles of design. Students apply these lessons in original projects with an emphasis on communicating concise meaning through such visual means as image, layout, and text. The class is meant to develop students’ sensitivity to the visual impact of the choices they make, their ability to reflect upon their design choices, and their skills to make effective visual statements in any context.


Students in this Drama course are introduced to elements of drama including terminology, stage movements and blocking, parts of stage, and performance goals. Additionally, they participate in individual and group exercises to practice facial, voice and body expression in the form of monologues, games, activities, and prepared and impromptu skits. The students are made to be responsible for writing and performing some of their own work. The goal of this course is to cultivate a feel for drama and how to work together to create a presentation.