Our faculty at the Punjab International Public School enriches the learning experience. Campus Teachers are fully involved in the extra co-curricular activities for daily routine of the students. In sports field, the publications or debates, teachers take an active interest and share a healthy rapport with the boys /girls. Every teacher is assigned to look after the development needs of a group of ten students. He /She is the Group’s Guide to Excellence .Occasional outings with tutors to explore the PIPS Valley and midterm expeditions strengthen the bonds between students and teachers.

Hobby Teachers, ready to transmit their ideas amp; skills through interesting & easily acquirable learning programmes. There are special teachers for Music & Painting, which subjects are considered essential for the development of the child’s personality irrespective of age, sex, colour or community. Special attention is paid to the IT skills through exposure to Computers from a very early age. Computer Teachers take practical classes and teach the children the joys of Information Technology education. In the Hostels, where the children spend two periods in the morning& evening in their Prep Rooms, the Warden & the Matrons provide a helping hand to them to renew & polish what they learn. The faculty members are encouraged to upgrade their skills and update their knowledge on a regular basis and are often introduced for refresher courses. Besides, It is mandatory that the teachers undergo at least one training session is mandatory for all teachers every year, use of technology in class and such related subjects. A Digital Library having access to international Journals & other educational content is proposed to be added. The extra care and concern so needed ensured by housing the young boarders in two adjacent Houses under the personal care of a Housemaster and Matron Separate Houses exits for Boys & Girls & also for senior & Junior School students in the House. The boys/girls learn and abide by values like commitment, loyalty, sharing by each other in times of crisis.