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Welcome to PIPS Pojewal, Best boarding school in India. The abode of learning, advancement and triumph!

“Praise not Pamper; The Child will Blossom” – with this aim, we at PIPS are diligently working towards providing the best of opportunities and facilities to churn out achievers.

Students at PIPS are encouraged to develop a keen sense of self-identity and positive self esteem. Diversity is valued highly and students develop a good understanding of their multi-cultural world. The Fully residential boarding school embodies the essential ingredients of a global school, always striving to stay on the cutting edge of new and sound educational programs. Since 2009, PIPS Pojewal one of the top boarding schools in India for girls & boys continues to extend a broad spectrum of innovative challenging courses that widens the horizons of students. The school has a child that excels in academic and extracurricular endeavors, staff committed to excellence & a supportive parent community.