Timings are altered for summer and winter conditions, but a typical working day commences at around 6:00 a.m. with line up. followed by P.T. for 30 minutes. The students then wash, change and attend a period of study before breakfast. Breakfast is followed by “Assembly”. The Headmaster reads a non denominational prayer, which is followed by a devotional song chosen each day from different religions. Five more periods of study with a half-hour break in-between for mid-morning snacks, completes the daily classroom timetable. Lunch is followed by compulsory rest hour, during which boys / girls must be on their beds with shoes off, In the extreme summer rest hour is extended to an hour and a half-hours. From the end of rest hour to tea, there are again two periods with activity classes / hobbies till Tea Time. After tea all students must play games : compulsory game of the season, followed by a bath. Supper is at 7:30 p.m. followed by one period of homework time when boys / girls work in their Preps. Lights out for juniors is at 9:00 p.m & senior at 9:30pm. 

Hostel Infrastructure

The guiding principles for deciding the location & designing the Buildings for the Hostels have been to provide the Boarders / children comfort, convenience, companionship, camaraderie & cleanliness, along with competitive opportunities, within a Secure environment. There are presently Nine Hostels in the Campus, separate for Boys & Girls & Junior & Senior Schools. Four of these are for Junior School Children of ages between 6 & 12 years, based on the Dormitory System & Four of them are for Senior Boys & Girls studying in classes VI to X on shared Room accommodation basis. A separate Hostel has been provided for Foreign Students.
The Junior Hostel Building has Two Floors – Ground Floor for Boys & First Floor for Girls – with Four Dormitories on each floor. Each Dormitory has a capacity of 12 Inmates on Single Beds laid on tiled floors with mattresses, individual cupboards & with ceiling fans backed with one Air Conditioner. Thus, there are Two Girls Hostels (Priya & Vidya) & two Boys Hostels (Gulmohar & Amaltas) with 24 children in each, totaling 96 Junior School Wards. Each Floor has Common Toilet Block with European & Indian Seats, Prep Rooms & RO system / Water Coolers. A common Kitchen & Dining Room & a Common Room complete the Junior Hostel Building Compound, which has a 7’ high wall all around with Gated Entry covered by CCTV Cameras. While each floor has a separate Resident Warden, the official residence of Head Mistress of the Junior School is also located in a part of this Building.
For Senior Students, there are two Separate Buildings Complexes with G+1 accommodation, separate for Girls & Boys – Gangotri & Mansarovar.

   a)  Gangotri, the Senior Girls boarding Complex has Two Hostel blocks: (Ganga & Yamuna) that can accommodate 2 -3 students each in 24 rooms. Beds with mattresses, steel almirahs and study tables are provided. A common Toilet Block on each Floor with European & Indian Seats has been provided for each Hostel. A combined Kitchen & Dining Hall & Common Room cater to both Hostels. It has serene environs with all the modern facilities. A Badminton Court provides outdoor facility for keeping the residents fit and healthy. In addition to 7’ high Boundary wall & CCTV Camera at the Gate, a Security Guard is stationed during the night. The Wardens residence is within the Hostel Complex.

   b)  Mansarovar, the Senior Boys Boarding Complex, with Two Hostel blocks: (Shivalik & Vindhya) one on each floor with 2-Seater 18 Rooms on each Floor, caters to a total of 72 Senior Boys. These
Hostels have facilities similar to Gangotri. Mansarovar provides for Badminton & Voleyball within its walls. In order to foster the spirit of camaraderie and companionship and to provide adequate opportunities for competition, participation and leadership, this Building has a common Dining Hall and Evening Recreational Activity Rooms.

Foyer for Foreign Students
The PIPS Pojewal Campus has on independent Hostel (Foyer) for Foreign Students in a G+I Building overlooking the Valley beyondThis Biulding has Two Floors with 12 Rooms on each Floor, with attached European style Toilets. Each Room has a capacity of 2-3 Inmates with individual Beds with Mattresses. individual wardrobes, Study Tables & Chairs & fans. A Common Room with TV / Connection & Indoor Games, a dedicated Kitchen & a Common Dining Hall are part of this Building. A Computer with Internet Connectivity & CCTV Camera at the Entry Gate have been provided. Within the boundary walls of Foyer, a Badminton Court & Basket Ball Single Pole for Practice have been provided. A Security Guard is stationed here during the night.