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Exploratory Methods of Teaching

The school has adapted innovative methods of teaching. We believe that to be successful in academics, sourcing of information, logical documentation and presentation are essential components in the learning process. Students are given projects to work on as a group and freely access major source books on their own. They are trained to organize their ideas logically using if necessary computer hard discs, floppies and thereafter make presentations in class using multi media projectors. The teacher guides them in various aspects of communication such as gestures, posture and eye contact during presentations. For majority of the students, this is a new experience and naturally they are nervous at the outset. However, with time they gain confidence.



Science Practical and Class Demonstrations

ICSE syllabus recommends Science Practical experiments for Standard VI and above. The School provides well –equipped Laboratories in the disciplines of Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Maths.

The school has taken the initiative to conduct such Practical experiments for all senior classes to help them understand the concepts through experience. These experiments are demonstrated in the classrooms and laboratories.



Presentations and Projects

Besides routine class presentations, students of all classes are often given independent projects during vacations to collect samples of man made materials, which they study in their course.



Learn while you play

Each module is taught not as a subject but a part of everyday life. Trips/tours, Real life learning by going to places and learning them by sight, feel and experimenting

Teachers and students both are live while the Session is taking place i.e. its both who are learning and not standalone students.