PIPS is fully Residential Boarding School Facilities.

The morning hours are spent in the Prep room studying. The House-master and House-mistress help in supervision and assist the students in their respective subjects of study. They also help the matron in accounting for the work at the end of the month, counselling and monitoring the progress of the children. Studies aside, the children also contribute to the work in the Dormitories/Houses lending a helping hand inside and outside. Making the beds, tidying up tables, folding blankets are the tasks of the children. To inculcate a sense of responsibility, the students are assigned from time to time small tasks such as keeping cleanliness, discipline, punctuality and care of laundry work. Outstanding students are rewarded for their contribution. They are well trained in their roles that even without the matron, they can manage the whole show on their own.

There are separate Housing Facilities for Boys and Girls – Both Junior and Senior Schools. Junior School houses are with Dormitories with capacity of 10-14 beds. Senior School houses are with shared rooms with Capacity of 2-3 beds each. All houses have separate Dining Halls and Toilet blocks which are kept clean, well maintained and have 24- hour supply of water.

Junior School students are accommodated in well-designed dormitories

which are not just residential quarters but homes for the children. Senior School students share contiguous rooms with a recreation hall and a lounge. The facilities provided in the houses exceed the standards of a robust school.