• Because your child deserves the best in Schooling as well as living environment at affordable costs.
  • Because your child is the most precious person for you and your family in the world and also very precious for PIPS.
  • Because your child expects holistic development of personality – of mind, body, and heart which PIPS provides.
  • Because your child needs to be trained into a disciplined citizen with love and care.
  • Because the large Campus in Sylvan surroundings, in the heart of Shivalik Hills provides an ambience and environment eminently suitable for your dear child.
  • Because your child deserves motherly love and care outside his/her home which PIPS Pojewal staff and faculty always endeavour to provide.
  • Because it is a fully Residential Boarding School protecting your child from external pernicious influences common to Day-cum-Boarding Schools in urban areas.
  • And finally, Because PIPS Pojewal is THE Boarding School with all its Amenities, Facilities and Standards and is THE SCHOOL for your dear child.